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China Sizing Machine For Paper Machines suppliers
26-03-2020, 03:26
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China Sizing Machine For Paper Machines suppliers
Gluing machine
First, it is divided into internal sizing and external sizing

Second, the size applicator consists of two high and low rubber rollers. The rubber is cut at the two rolls, the paper is cut through the line, the glue is even, and the material is saved. Oblique surface applicator The purpose of surface sizing of the inclined surface applicator is usually to prevent liquid penetration, to obtain better surface properties and to improve the physical properties of the paper (such as surface strength and internal bonding force), which is one of the effective means for improving the base paper. Our company has absorbed advanced technical experience and independently developed this set of surface sizing equipment and technology. On the basis of keeping the raw material structure unchanged, we can increase the certain sizing cost, and the product quality can be upgraded from one level to one level. This technology has been confirmed by our company's practice. Through surface sizing, it can improve the water absorption of paper, lateral ring pressure index, longitudinal crack length, tightness and other physical indicators, and improve the grade quality of paper as a whole. Both have achieved good economic and social benefits.

The main technical parameters
Press structureRaw material ratioQuantitative/㎡Moisture%Lateral ring pressure indexLongitudinal ring pressure index
Before sizingAfter sizingBefore sizingAfter sizing
diameter1320Large roll crushAll waste11085.157.9535804650
diameter850 Ordinary open pressAll waste1108.34.927.8233254450China Sizing Machine For Paper Machines suppliers
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